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When and why do the electrode spots being moved exist?

Some jet propulsion phenomena within near-surface layer of liquid anode.

  1. Initial (fast streamers) period. Salinity grows.



  3. Full shooting of the discharge with lopsided cathode.



     3. Propagating modes of discharge. Flux direction's unstability under conditions of symmetric geometry. High salinity and central vertical cathode.






    Slideshow 720x576x24b - 0.2MB






    Slideshow 720x576x24b - 0.2MB

  5. Azimuthally symmetric sphere-like strata's mode plasma bubbles. Solution concentration, pulse parameters and cathode height are subject to adjustment.


1 from 8th frame - "vail effect" (4.5 kV 0.8 mF. Slideshow 720x576x24b - 0.4MB).



2 5.0 kV 0.8 mF (Slideshow 720x576x24b - 0.5MB)






Being easily ionized and coupled with metal-oxide-carbonic airogel particles, the conductive particles are respond in nonideality and conductivity of the complex plasma. Due to these two properties they form strata moving sheets in the volumetric distribution of current density and combustion rate over this gigantic anode spot. The compaction of airogel and coagulation on the border of such object create area of raised nonideality, conductivity and mechanical durability which can be named "an envelope" being inflated by plasma.

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